Our Homes

Timber Frame Log homes and Timber Frame homes combine construction techniques and materials from hundreds of years ago with modern innovation to provide a structure of enduring strength and beauty. Key to that durability is proper design and construction. The Jim Barna organization has been dedicated to the art of crafting unique log homes and timber homes for nearly four decades. Our innovative milling techniques and advancements in joinery design and construction engineering have become industry standards.

Graded logs, kiln drying, pre-cutting, pre-drilling, profiled corner notches, log adhesive, log screw assembly and pre-manufactured window and door jambs make the Jim Barna system one of the strongest and most energy efficient on the market. The result is a home that will remain comfortable and beautiful throughout the years.

Jim Barna Log & Timber Homes has guided thousands of people through the process of designing and creating their rustic homes. Our log and timber homes stand the test of time because our attention to detail applies to the homes we create as well as to the homeowners who dream them. A well-crafted Jim Barna log or timber home is an heirloom your family will hand down for generations.